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2nd October 2013

Re: CVR Reforms Notice for Motor Caravan owners having 2, 3 or more axles

Dear Motor Caravan Stakeholder,

The Road Safety Authority is implementing a major reform programme in respect of commercial
vehicle roadworthiness which includes a number of improvements to the testing system. As motor
caravans are tested at CVR testing centres, we are writing to you to ensure you are aware of the
changes to the system as they affect motor caravans.
As part of the CVR Reform programme, from 27th March 2013, the RSA took over responsibility for
CVR testing centres and testers from the Local Authorities. The key changes and benefits as they
affect motor caravan owners are set out in the attached Information leaflet. The new testing and CRW
arrangements are now in place.
Please note that changes are being announced in respect of test fees for commercial vehicles from 7th
October 2013. These fee changes do not affect motor caravan owners other than; the fee payable at
the test will incorporate the Certificate of Roadworthiness (CRW) fee which was previously paid to
Motor Tax Offices. This is because the CRW will automatically issue in the post to the registered
owner of the vehicle and there is no longer a need to visit the Motor Tax Office to exchange a pass
statement for a CRW. The CRW will include a disk for the CRW which must be displayed on the
From now on, please ensure you bring a valid driver’s licence or passport with you when presenting a
vehicle for a test otherwise the CVR testing centre may not be able to issue you with a pass
For further information please see the attached information leaflet or visit


Information Leaflet for Motor Caravan owners
Changes to Roadworthiness Test arrangements
Reforms related to Testing
Easy to use Online booking tool
The RSA will be introducing a new online booking tool to facilitate owners who wish to make a request
for a vehicle test booking at a testing centre. This booking facility will make it easier for you to book
your test.
You will be able to upload any required vehicle documentation on the online booking system. This will
eliminate the need for you to bring this documentation with you when you present your vehicle for
Another benefit of the online booking system is that CVR testing centres will be able to issue test
reminders to you, upon agreement, by means of email or SMS.
The online booking tool will not prevent CVR testing centres being able to test vehicles at short notice
and walk in bookings will still be permitted.
Documents to produce when presenting your vehicle for a test
One of the key benefits of the new integrated IT system is that in the majority of cases you no longer need to present your vehicle(s) registration document(s) to the CVR testing centre as the registration details already be on the system. CVR testing centres are also able to upload vehicle modification approval document(s) so that you only need to present these once for scanning and then they will be held on the system thereafter. However, the presenter of the vehicle requires identification as discussed below

Presenter identification
The person presenting the vehicle is required to produce a valid driving licence or a passport when the vehicle is presented for test. This is similar to the arrangements that apply to the NCT test.
Where a vehicle has been deemed roadworthy but you fail to provide the necessary identification (passport or drivers licence) or vehicle documentation (discussed above) to the CVR testing centre, a pass statement will not be issued. The pass statement will be automatically issued when you return to the CVR testing centre with the required presenter identification.

Re tests
A vehicle must be retested at the same CVR Testing Centre where the original test was carried out. If you choose to use an alternative testing centre, for any reason, a full test will be carried out at the second testing centre.
Anniversary Dates and the Certificate of Roadworthiness (CRW)
Anniversary dates and CRW validity period
The current legal obligation for motor caravan test frequency remains unchanged. Motor caravans are required to be first tested by the fourth anniversary of the date of their first registration and thereafter every two years until the vehicle is 10 years. Motor caravans over 10 years old are required to be tested every year.
Motor caravan owners will be able to get the vehicle tested by up to one month before the test due date and still receive the CRW to the next due (i.e. the CRW could be valid for a maximum of 25 months for motor caravans from 4 to 10 years old and 13 months for those over 10 years old)). The test anniversary date will remain the same on the National Vehicle and Driver File.
Changing the test due date of your Motor Caravan
There may be a number of reasons why you would want to change the test due date for a vehicle. A vehicle may be tested in advance of its test anniversary date and receive a 24 month CRW expiring on the anniversary of the test date (assuming motor caravan of 4-10 years old). This will result in the test date being re-set on the National Vehicle and Driver File and the vehicle will, from that point forward, be due for its test on that date.

Late tests
There are no benefits for late tests and the next due date will remain the anniversary of registration, with the CRW issuing only for the period to the next due date.

Changes to the way you receive your CRW

A major benefit to vehicle owners is the automatic dispatch (by post) of the new CRWs to the address of the registered owner as recorded on the National Vehicle & Driver File. This will save vehicle presenters a second trip to exchange the pass statement for a CRW at the Motor Tax Office.
Following the test, you will receive a pass statement or test report, as proof (and receipt) of the test conducted that day.

Displaying the new CRW disk

The CRW includes a disk to be displayed on the windscreen of your vehicle. There is a legal
obligation for the disk to be clearly displayed. An Gardai Siochana will be checking the display of CRW disks as part of roadside enforcement.

Exchanging existing pass statements for a CRW

RSA has taken over responsibility for issuing CRW’s. This coincides with CVR testing centres using a new IT system (CoVIS), which is sending out CRW’s automatically. Therefore when your vehicle is tested from now on your CRW will be automatically posted to you.
If your vehicle was tested before CoVIS was introduced you will still need to exchange your pass statement for a CRW at your local motor tax office. You are legally obliged to have a CRW and you should exchange your pass statement for a CRW as soon as possible. To know whether or not you need to exchange your pass statement, follow this simple rule:

If you have a hand-written Pass Statement (VTL6 or VT6) you need to exchange this for a CRW at the motor tax office:

Testing Fees

Changes are being announced relating to testing fees carried out at CVR testing centres. The fee changes do not affect motor caravan owners except that they will now incorporate the Certificate of Roadworthiness (CRW) fee currently payable at the Motor Tax Office. The fees applicable from 7th October 2013 are:

Vehicle Type

Gross Fee (including vat @ 23% & CRW)

Motor caravans with two axles €92.70

Motor caravans with three or more axles €114.49

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